Making our first pizza.

When we started our bakery and made the list of things we wanted to bake, pizza was not on the list. We were all about the bread. Farm bread, hearth bread and specialty bread like focaccia and challah. After searching for that perfect place to start our bakery we finally decided on opening up inside the Meadville Market House. It is the oldest running market house in Pennsylvania and on every Saturday during the growing season, it's surrounded by vendors selling their wares. Selling everything from farm fresh organic vegetables, to hand knitted sweaters, to freshly picked flowers.
We signed our lease on the first of September and was up and running by the first of October. We went around the Market House on our first Saturday and bought a little bit from every farmer. We came in with our bounty and decided we would roast up the vegetables in our 500-degree oven and make one of our Friday night pizzas to share with all the farmers. We always had pizza Friday night at home and didn't think much of it. We served the farmers roasted potato and caramel onion pizzas, spinach, squash and ricotta cheese pizzas and tomato, onion and bell pepper pizzas. They loved it! Each farmer came into the Market House and wanted to have another piece of pizza with their vegetables on it.
On the following Saturday, at around 10:30, a couple of the farmers came up to our counter wanting to know when the pizza would be ready. We were not prepared for serving pizza. Paul and I just looked at each other then Paul said, "Around noon." He immediately started to mix the dough and Amanda chopped up and roasted some vegetables and by 12:30 we had pizzas on our counter.
Over the next couple of weeks, Paul created the Herb Oil for our white pizzas, I came up with the recipe for our red sauce and Emily and I worked on the baking time. Elisabeth was the master pizza server and Amanda created killer toppings. The pizzas we serve at The Creative Crust are truly an Allin family creation.